Sash Window Services

Sash Window Services Renovating And Draught Proofing

Don't be tempted to rip out your windows and start again! Restoring and repairing original windows is by far the most cost-effective solution and allows you to retain your property's original features. No job is too big or small for our skilled craftsmen - details of some of the services we offer are below:

Sash Window Restoration

One of the many benefits of having sash windows is that wood is a material that is easily repaired – unlike the aluminium and plastic that more modern windows are often made from. From minor maintenance to major restoration, our skilled craftsmen can lovingly return your windows to their original condition.

Windows which were made before the First World War were constructed from timber of a quality that is now extremely rare. Cut from virgin forests in the cold Baltic region, the wood is extremely dense and durable. All that's required is a good layer of paint and occasional repairs and historic windows will last for hundreds of years. Many windows considered by the untrained eye to be beyond repair have been successfully restored to perfect condition by our team of specialist craftsmen.

Sash windows exposed to the elements for long periods of time without regular maintenance will suffer from chipped and flaking paintwork and missing putty, which allows water to penetrate the wood. This leads to decay, causing the structure of the material to collapse. The lower members of a sash window are particularly vulnerable, including window sills, bottom rails, and lower sections of outer linings and pulley stiles.

Replacing original windows with 'new' cheaper alternatives is a false economy: The float glass which is invariably used these days has little of the character of the original, and the replacement timber is inevitably inferior, fast-grown softwood. The result is a poor imitation of the original window and, even if well maintained, is not as robust and won't last as long. Let us restore and enhance your original windows and they will last for many more decades.

Sash Window Repairs

Rotting and decaying box frames can leave your windows sagging, letting in dirt and damp and looking unsightly. While wood is long-lasting when regularly maintained, it can suffer if left untended. Our craftsmen can repair your windows, upgrading or replacing the wood and glass if needed and improving their fit so they run smoothly and look healthy again.

Sash Window Draught Proofing

Research from Glasgow University shows that around 20% of heat from older homes escapes through the windows. This may lead less informed people to consider alternative options such as double glazing, but there are now modern, professional draught proofing methods which allow you to boost energy efficiency and retain your original sash windows.

These draught proofing methods use nylon, brush or polypropylene seals and are permanently machined into the staff beads, parting beads, top rail and bottom meeting rail. This offers the following benefits:

  • Significant reductions in the amount of heat lost improving energy efficiency, cutting heating bills and lowering carbon emissions
  • Reduces outside noise levels
  • Reduced dust and dirt (carried in by draughts)
  • Cancels out the irritation of rattling from loose-fitting sashes
  • Ensures smooth movement up and down to the top and bottom sashes
  • These enhancements will not affect the visual appearance of your window

Experts estimate that draught-proofing has a payback time of between one and two years – vastly more cost effective than the comparison with double glazing installation which is thought to take from 60-100 years to recoup on the initial expenditure. Further research from English Heritage also shows that effective draught proofing made sash windows considerably more airtight, in some cases reducing heat loss by more than 60%.